The advanced passive punching card for orienteering and outdoor sports features high punching speed and bigger data storage. The carrying vest is the perfect solution to transport your SPORTident control stations to the controls. For individual settings you can choose between three different inserts: A clear lid allows the ultra-bright LED status indicators to be clearly seen even in the daytime. However this repeater may be placed at some distance from the control and may also serve other controls in the area. The holder is a robust product fixed with strips or elastic bands.

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Together we will find the perfect size of your set – to create a stunning experience for you and your runners. It is self-evident that all components are tested and the batteries are charged. Please extract the driver sportiident sportident usb running the sportident usb.

The system can be as small or large as required. Documentation and samples are included in the sportident usb. Master — this module is located at the event centre and plugs into a Sportident usb to collect all punch information. Optionally, the data can be read out and transmitted by radio.

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Typical applications Sportident usb, Adventure sports. Many possibilities of evaluating and showing the data e. It is available in three different options: SPORTident’s latest transportation case is be available in one size.

Easy to set up Easy and rapid installation even in areas where access is difficult, less personnel expenses due to fewer course marshals required. Version A for 20 BS8. During the race the SIAC stores the start, intermediate sportident usb finish times of the race. At SPORTident, we support the preparation, realisation and evaluation of your leisure and competition sport events.

The capsule features a large needle and a full scale, making it ideal for the beginning and sportident usb orienteer. Sportident usb lid is fitted with a rubber seal, but there should be no need to ever open the enclosures, as the modules are charged by simply plugging them into a suitable charger. Not at the image Coupling stick.

The waterproof connectors are sportident usb to fit to sportident usb SPORTident station cables, although some soldering is required. The ComCard Up is equipped with a good, all-around Moscompass capsule with fast setting time and good stability.

Radio Controls in use during Sprint the Bay O-Lynx Control Modules The O-Lynx radio modules are small mm x 75mm excluding the antenna and light grams and so are sportident usb to mount directly onto the orienteering control stands.

The number of SIACs can be registered simultaneous is unlimited. School and Training Set Art.

They are available in three different sizes: Options Sportident usb top bluedisplay bottom red or blueSRR module blue. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The successful registration of the checkpoints is indicated by an obvious optical and acoustic sportifent signal. Typical applications Orienteering, School sports. Not only coming with high punching speed but also SI-Card10 features large memory size which is sportident usb to store up to intermediate times.

There, the runners can test and monitor the feedback signals sportident usb the SIAC at different passing speeds.

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Different antenna sizes are available to fit in with local regulations while maximising transmission distance. However this usbb may be placed at some distance sportident usb the control and may also serve other controls in the area. These batteries have a minimum life expectancy of charging cycles. Please contact our specialist for Trail Running: The unique design allows to operate the card with BS8 stations.

Windows – 8. A special 5m Serial to USB cable, as shown connected below, is sporttident sportident usb make connecting sportident usb transferring the punch information to a PC simple. O-Lynx software and sportident usb provide real time results to enhance any sized event.

SIAC supports fast registration of competitors sportident usb participate at a race. Many features The runners bring the data to the finish line.

The mode switch is used to switch on a heartbeat signal that transmits to all other modules. Card readout and record data format are spportident same as for classic cards, making the ActiveCard compatible with all existing software solutions.