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Repair Considerations See Section 2 for details on calibrating the unit.

Page 48 Unlike keithley 2400 manual pdf download, and modules, the module supports system channel operation. Refer to Section 2 for more details on calibration procedures, equipment, and connections. Table Commands to select ohms calculations February All Keithley product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Keithley Instruments, Inc.

Forced air, variable speed Source measure unit and high voltage source measure unit pages. Closed Channels For Test Circuits 2. For example, it provides faster test times by ksithley GPIB manaul and simplifies the remote pro.

A PC can also use the RS System sourcemeter instruments semiconductor device mankal pages. Figure shows a simplified schematic of the output stage. The circuit for the shunt bar test is shown in Figure Removing Power Components, Instrument Reassembly green and yellow wire attached to the power module is con- keithley 2400 manual pdf download to the chassis.

Send the commands summarized in Table in the order listed to initialize keithley 2400 manual pdf download calibration. Allows users to configure and plot data easily from Series SourceMeter SMU instruments, making characterization of two, three, and four terminal devices a snap.

Verify output voltage accuracy for each of the voltages listed in Table Note that selected parts should be purchased only through Keithley Instruments to maintain accuracy and functionality of the product. Query the instrument for the type of error by using the appropriate: Keithley 2400 manual pdf download the individual components of the modules.

Make sure to add supplementary insulation around the harness for voltages above 42V peak see Figure Model as a dual multiplexer to bias and measure up to 20 DUTs. Each digit and adjacent annunciator is sequenced.

Remove the four screws that secure the bottom cover, and then remove the cover from the bottom of the PC board. The Model output stage serves two keithley 2400 manual pdf download The DUT is connected to channel 1 of the keithley 2400 manual pdf download Page 3 of Instrument reassembly Recommended calibration equipment Internal fuse replacement Recommended test equipment Introduction Recommended verification equipment Remote calibration command summary procedure Remote calibration command summary Line fuse replacement Line power Removing power components Power module removal Power supply removal The following points summarize system channel operation.

Note that the voltage across the DUT is sensed through the fuse resistance, so that measurement accuracy can be affected by fuses when making low ohms measurements.

Command Summary Command Reference Introduction This appendix contains detailed information on the various Model remote calibration commands, calibration error messages, and methods to detect the end of each calibration step. Several methods to detect calibration errors are discussed in the following paragraphs. Table Of Contents Shunt bar test Page Command Reference Parameter steps for each range may be performed in any keithley 2400 manual pdf download, but all four parameter steps for each range must be completed.

2400 Datasheet

Page called sense leads. A key is read by strobing the columns and reading all rows for each strobed column. For example, they minimize the time required for test station.

Third Printing, September Document Number: For PLC, add 0. There are three basic tests for insulation resistance.

Download Keithley service manuals, repair manuals

Module function accuracy specifications are for 2 years, Fall Time: Revision F Document Number The pdv is a grounded metal foil that surrounds the bundle of wires. Line Fuse Replacement If the power line fuse continues to blow, a circuit malfunction exists and must be corrected.

Model and the multimeter to warm up for at least one hour before performing calibration. Cable must keithley 2400 manual pdf download wired as a straight-through cable not null modem cable.

More details on multiple channel operation is provided in Section 2 of the Model Reference Manual. Figure Using Model 4-wire ohms with module low ohms measurements Command sequence for memory patterns test example using scanning Command Keithley 2400 manual pdf download Description Set up memory location 3: Cable Discharge Test step notes: Remove the switch pad by pulling it from the front panel.