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Tehmina criticised the Nikah Halalah, which made anger the Muslim community. Vy religious people of Pakistan criticised the writer for the book. They charged the book Kufr with blasphemy. His mother had a close relation with Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan.

Mainda Sain Urdu Novel By Tehmina Durrani Free Download

His father worked with Yahya regime in the 70s. Tehmina started free food program in Lahore. Before Kufr, she wrote Mainda Saain in which she describes the life. She has adequate information about the dirty politics by Khar. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Tehmina Durrani belonged to a distinguished family of Pakistan. Notify me of new posts by email. Later she came to a novelist. If you like, you can join us on social media like facebook, twitter, and google plus, etc. Tehmina was a witness about the relations of Khar with Indian intelligence Raw.

The book was favourite and translated into many languages of the world. You can subscribe the website for further updates about a fresh material. Firstly Tehmina Durrani authored Mainda Saain to brought the evils of feudalism on record.

The Kufr Blasphemy is the controversial novel in the Urdu language.

Kufr (Blasphemy) By Tehmina Durrani Pdf Free – The Library PK

Abdul Sattar Edhi is famous personality and known for his social welfare activities. Notify me of new posts by email. I hope you will like the book, Mainda Saain Pdf. Tehmina Durrani wrote in bold manners.

Mainda Sain by Tehmina Durrani

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Kufr Blasphemy in English Writer: She tells in detailed how Mustafa Khar met with Indian intelligence agencies and how he tried to launch a rebellion movement in Pakistan army. Now you can download Kufr Novel Pdf in free. She knew about the days and nights of Khar. This book proved a controversial story due to his subject. Tehmina Durrani is the author of the book Mainda Saain Pdf.

She described this connection in his famous book Mainda Sain. Tehmina Durrani spent many of years with Khar and learned a lot from his politics.

Mainda Saain By Tehmina Durani Pdf – The Library PK

The story of the book Kufr contained the life hypocrisy of majnda and spiritual leaders. Religious people criticised her for this novel.

You can also subscribe the website to get an email notification about the new posts. I hope you will like the book Kufr Novel Pdf and share it. She exposed Ghulam Mustafa Khar and his personal life. The name of the book of Tehmina about Edhi is A mirror to the blind. Tehmina Durrani considered a famous human rights activist. She considered him as her hero and the hero of the nation. Now Tehmina Durrani is the wife of prominent politician Mian Shahbaz Sharif and playing an active for women rights.